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Life as a summer intern at the Barbershop Harmony Society - Kyle Snook

This internship has been a very positive experience thus far. Whenever I describe what I do to my non-barbershop friends back home, I always think to myself, "this sounds very boring", but in reality, I've never felt any degree of dread when going to BHS. All of the tasks they have me doing seem very interesting because it's for the common goal of giving people a good barbershop experience. I've enjoyed seeing who has their hands on the big projects like HU, international and midwinter. There is way more detail involved in all of those projects that I ever could have imagined.

Some of the highlights of working here are doing everyday things and then singing with someone who is on a tour, or signing a tag with other employees. I've given a couple of tours, and while those take you away from tasks, I really enjoy hearing everyone's story. I've also enjoyed being with other interns (and a few paid staff members) who are close to my age and getting to know the organization and people here.

I've enjoyed serving and working with barbershop 'rock stars' so to speak and getting to know them through a less conventional way than other barbershoppers.