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Love the song? The track is even better

Not too often do folks hop in their cars, buckle up, and say to themselves, "Tunes. Must have tunes to drive. Ah, there it is: my favorite aerobics workout CD."
Barbershoppers, on the other hand, regularly ease the pain of commuting by listening to their learning tracks. Not just for the brain workout, either; some learning tracks today are perfectly satisfying for leisure listening, because the technology has improved immensely, and the singers are second-to-none.
Which brings us to this month's hit. In case you missed it, "All I Do Is Dream of You" is guaranteed to be a sweet number for any ensemble. Masterfully arranged by David Wallace, it uses an easy-going swing and Big Band feel to deliver on this tune from "Singin' in the Rain." Accessible range and fun syncopations make this song, recently revived by Michael Bublé, a sure hit!
The learning track is awesome, recorded by master singer, arranger, and music educator Gary Lewis, a three-time gold medal quartetter (Platinum (2000), Max Q (2007), and college champ The Real Deal (1994)), chorus director, and master track maker.