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Masters of Harmony win chorus championship

The Masters of Harmony of Santa Fe Springs, California, reclaimed the gold medals that had eluded them in their previous two attempts, as they captured the Barbershop Harmony Society's 2017 international chorus championship Friday, July 8. A medley of love songs and a scorching performance of “Too Darn Hot/ Fever” with extravagant choreography propelled the 112-man chorus to its ninth victory, second on the all-time list behind the chorus it narrowly beat out, the twelve-time champion Vocal Majority Chorus of Dallas.  

More than 1500 men competed in 30 choruses representing the US, Canada, Great Britain and Australia in the contest, held in the Axis Theater at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. The top five finishers were:

  1. Masters of Harmony, Santa Fe Springs, California - 2893 points, 96.4%
  2. Vocal Majority, Dallas, Texas, 2885 points, 96.2%
  3. Central Standard, Kansas City, Missouri, 2828 points, 94.3%
  4. Toronto Northern Lights, 2820 points, 94.0%
  5. Parkside Harmony, Hershey, Pennsylvania, 2761 points, 92.0%

See full scores.