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Youth choruses sing on The View—but the performance is the least important part

These youth choruses sing on ”The View” -- but the performance was the least important part

Harrison Fribush, age 14, had a dream that he could change people’s lives through his passion for music. A student at the Jewish Krieger Schechter Day School near Baltimore, he wanted to bring together kids from widely different backgrounds. He ended up sharing that dream on national TV, assisted by a Broadway star. But the real story comes before the show.

STOP READING - Just watch the video!

Fribush reached out to the choir from the African American Cardinal Shehan School Community in Baltimore — with moving results.

“Our message is to show that music education matters,” said Fribush. “By singing together all as one, we show that to not only our community, and maybe even our city and our country.”

The video story tells it all… and the performance on ABC’s The View honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is enhanced by the presence of Tony Award winner Billy Porter.