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National Tribute to a Barbershop Great

Comedian Tom Shillue* showed a more serious side on Fox News Insider paying tribute to barbershop great, Tom Spirito (The Four Rascals, Boston Common), who passed away on Sunday. When asked if he was serious about being a barbershopper he said, ""It's not a joke! It's four-part harmony! It's close to my heart."

Today on The Five, guest host Tom Shillue paid tribute to Barbershop Quartet great Tom Spirito, who passed away on Sunday.
 “When other kids were listening to AC/DC, I was spinning records of the Four Rascals and the Boston Common [quartet]. Thank you Tommy, you taught me how to sing,” he said.
Shillue’s quartet models themselves after Spirito and the Four Rascals. He recently performed in a Barbershop Quartet with Justin Timberlake on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.'

*Tom is the lead of Scollay Square Quartet, and more famously known as the bass in Jimmy Fallon's quartet "The Ragtime Gals"