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Needle locked on "adorable": The Reen Family Musicians and Singers

In case anyone worried that barbershop had a problem with graying hair, take a look at Stephen and Sophie Reen's family.

Steve and his three eldest sons, Stephen (15) Dominic (13) and Bernie (12) joined the Barbershop Harmony Society as a quartet in the spring of 2010. Within a few months, they won the Novice Quartet Award in the Cardinal District Fall Contest. The following year they were awarded the 2011 Cardinal District Quartet of the Year.   Since then, they have made guest appearances with The Kentucky Vocal Union,  The Chordlighters Chorus, the North Carolina and Indiana Harmony Brigades, the Tippecanotes Chorus, the Spirit of Illinois, the Delta Kings Chorus and the Southern Gateway Chorus of Cincinnati. At the Barbershop Harmony Society's 75th International Convention in Toronto, Canada.  Dominic was featured as Pinocchio in the Circle City Sound Chorus, which placed 7th Internationally.   The Reen Family Singers are members of The Southern Gateway and Circle City Choruses,  and are currently performing shows nationwide.

All that's impressive... but wait till you hear them sing.