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New music publication by Kirby Shaw debuts at Youth Festival on Oregon

You may recall that earlier this year, we released a new arrangement of the Jason Mraz pop hit "I'm Yours" as part of an expanding effort to bring accessible, contemporary music to new audiences.

The arranger, a cappella giant Kirby Shaw, has taken special interest in seeing this initiative launched successfully, and he took the time to write a special greeting to the students who attended a recent Youth Harmony Festival in Oregon.

Dr. Kirby Shaw here ... to congratulate all of you for showing up to make music together! There are few things in life more rewarding than for like-minded people (that's all y'all) to sign on for a common goal, work hard, and achieve it. Your musical demonstration will make the world a better place, and the humanity you share through your music will allow people in the audience to experience emotions they might not be able to reach any other way. You will also cause older people in the audience to feel confident that the future of the world is in good hands...yours! Thank you for singing my arrangement of "I'm Yours." As you know, this song is a real hoot! Here are a few things to think about and to demonstrate in your performance...and during rehearsal. Put your faces on at all times (including rehearsal) the emotion of the lyrics in your facial expression so effectively that even deaf people in the audience can understand your meaning. If you have to, during your lunch break, use the mirror in the Men's bathroom to practice! If you're a singer, you're an actor!

Words to live by.

And hey.. why not try that song?  Listen to a preview of the Tony De Rosa learning track, too!