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New online education classes announced!

The Barbershop Harmony Society is proud to present the fall session of BHS Online Education Courses. This exciting lineup includes videos, webinars, and online courses geared for singers, directors, coaches, leaders, and arrangers. Of particular note are the classes supporting the BHS Strategic Vision: Everyone in Harmony.

Want to learn how grants work or how to mic and light your show or district contest? We’ve got a class for that. Want to sit at the virtual feet of Debbie Cleveland to see how she motivates youth to sing barbershop? Tune in to find out. Don’t have time to watch a live class or take an online course? Try one of the on-demand videos about performing, coaching, vocal health, or rehearsal planning.

We hope you take advantage of these fine educational opportunities from the finest of Harmony University faculty members. If you have any questions about these courses, please contact our Education Team at

For Singers:

Fundamentals of Music, with Kim Newcomb

Sound Management 2 & 3, with Steve Tramack

Unlocking the Script of Your Song, with Patrick Brown

Choreography/Performance Planning for Beginners, with Patrick Brown

Vocal Health: Part I, with Dr. Thomas Cleveland

Private Voice Lessons or Quartet Coaching, with Steve Scott

For Arrangers:

Beginning Arranging, with Kevin Keller

Intermediate Arranging, with Adam Scott

Advanced Arranging, with Steve Tramack

For Leaders:

Enlightened Leadership, with Bill Colosimo

Winning Frameworks for Chorus Member Musical Development, with Jay Butterfield

Starting an Education Program in Your Chapter, with Circle City Sound

Grant Writing, with Ashley Brown

Become A "Change-Able" Leader, with Rob Macdonald

For Directors:

Swing! with Donny Rose (CLOSED for Fall Session)

Differences Between Teaching and Directing Male and Female Voices, with Steve Scott and Jennifer Cooke

Lighting and Mic-ing Your Show or District Convention, with Chad Bennett and Brent Suver

Rehearsal Techniques, with Shannon Jeffreys

Private Conducting Lessons, with Donny Rose

Everyone in Harmony

Purposeful Inclusion, with Chris Rimple and Shana Oshiro (CLOSED for Fall Session)

Motivating Youth to Sing Barbershop, with Debbie Cleveland

Mixed Quartet Singing Panel, with Double Date and Vintage Mix

Also check out our offerings from Spring 2017!

Sound Management 1, with Steve Tramack

Inside the Westminster Chorus Rehearsal, with Justin Miller

Healthy Barbershop Belting (posting), with Dr. Amelia Rollings

Secrets of the Actor-Singer, with Cy Wood

Rehearse Like a Quartet Champion, with Forefront

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