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New Resource for Chapter Leaders: Quick Guide

Introducing the Chapter Leader Quick Guide

Introducing the Chapter Leader Quick Guide: a new, comprehensive guide for BHS chapter leaders. After noticing trends in recurring questions and common points of confusion, the BHS Customer Service team created this handy reference to walk you through typical tasks, including:

  • Navigating the Member Center
  • Purchasing music for your ensemble in the BHS Online Marketplace
  • Understanding competition rules
  • Understanding the youth protection policy
  • ...and much more!

Accessing the Guide

The Customer Service team is asking current and future chapter leaders to review this guide, which can be found in our Document Center. This is a password protected site, so you will need your Member Center login information and an active membership status to access the file.

We hope that leaders find this to be a useful tool that is easy to follow and can be referred to often.

Questions and comments?

If you have any questions about any information provided in the guide or recommended topics to include, please reach out to