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New stage options added to some quartet contests


To all potential International Quartet Contest Competitors:

As many of you are aware, we experimented with modifying the lighting and microphone setup for quartets at last year's International quartet contest in Las Vegas - designed to allow you to be more creative in your presentations. At our recent Midwinter meeting, the Society Contest & Judging Committee (SCJC) has now approved these enhancements to not only be used in this year's International quartet contest in Orlando (and future International quartet competitions), but we will also be encouraging District convention teams to adopt a similar setup for their International quartet preliminary contests as well.

What are these enhancements?

  • Two additional quartet microphones on the downstage end of the stage. So in addition to the traditional center pair of microphones, we will be adding two more of these same type of microphones about 6 feet away from center on each side, with a slight 5-10 degree angle away from the center axis. As these are small diaphragm condenser microphones, they are meant to pick up a larger area at greater distances, similar to the pickup pattern of each of the center microphones.
  • Expanded quartet lighting of 16' to 18' that will provide full visibility for the quartet regardless of which microphones each of you are using at any given time.

You are free to consider using these additional microphones as you see fit (or not). Either way, we felt that every competitor needs to be equally apprised of these changes well in advance of the International contest.

An important note: While we are encouraging each district to consider adopting a similar setup for their International preliminary quartet contests this Spring, there is currently no requirement or mandate. Many may continue using the traditional quartet setup due to cost or technical resource constraints. If you have any questions or concerns prior to your Spring contest, please contact your District Representative for Contest & Judging (DRCJ).

Enjoy your contest experience - and best of luck to all competitors!

J. David Mills
SCJC Chairman 2016-2019