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New this month: CEO column via YouTube

May 29, 2014

HZr_2014-05_CoverA few months back, as our esteemed colleague built up a head of steam and started pacing back and forth during a staff meeting, we realized something: Marty Monson is so good when he's speaking to a group, we no longer need him to write a column in the magazine. From now on, we just need to clip on a mic and let the man do his thing. Hence this issue’s debut of the CEO column via YouTube. Marty addresses his team -- and the entire Society, really -- about a small chapter that is getting it right. Also this month:
  • Powers of 3: How 3 choruses from 3 districts staged 3 shows in 3 cities in 3 days
  • BHS Annual report -- stats and reports on how we’re reaching our goals
  • Be a better music reader
  • A Roger Payne tag
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