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New Ways of Sharing Harmony

Continuing the journey to Everyone in Harmony

All people were welcomed into membership in 2018. In 2019, chapters embraced the chance to try new ways of sharing harmony.

The Everyone in Harmony journey of inclusion in BHS hit full stride in 2019, when chapter membership for all people became an option. Digging deep into their own cultures and hopes, some existing chapters began designing new modes of participation in the barbershop experience. Some chapters converted their choruses to mixed harmony.

Others retained a men’s chorus and added a mixed group. Others added a separate women’s chorus under the same chapter entity. Chapters that studied themselves and found that the men-only experience was best suited to their needs also went forward with renewed sense of purpose and confidence. In other cases, enthusiastic singers started up brand-new sites built on new goals and visions.

The result: the most innovative, energized year of activity since the early days of the Society.

BHS by the numbers (as of December 2019)


2019 Firsts: New Types of District Champions

Jazz! Women's Quartet

Hangin' with the Guys Mixed Harmony Quartet

Generations Women's Quartet

Ripple Effect Mixed Harmony Quartet

PDX Voices Mixed Harmony Chorus & District Small Chorus

Mugshot Mixed Harmony Quartet

Mixed Harmony Quartet

Pacific Coast Harmony Mixed Harmony Chorus

Troubadour Women's Quartet

Tenor First Mixed Harmony Quartet

The Heights Mixed Harmony Quartet

Second City Chorus Mixed Harmony Chorus

X&Y Mixed Harmony & Novice Quartet
Kitsch-N-Sync Mixed Harmony Quartet
Finger Lakes Mixed Chorus Mixed Harmony Chorus

Skirt and Ties Mixed Harmony Quartet

Florida Suncoast Chorus Mixed Harmony Chorus

From the Jan/Feb 2020 Yearbook edition of The Harmonizer.