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Webcast welcomes Grammy-nominated Neyla Pekarek

This year's webcast featured famous guests like Darin Drown (Storm Front), Tim Waurick (Vocal Spectrum) and Neyla Pekarek (folk-rock group The Lumineers.)

Sweet Adeline Neyla Pekarek, more famously known as the cellist of the Grammy nominated folk rock band, The Lumineers, joined 7,000 attendees at the Las Vegas convention. Neyla was invited to chat with the webcast hosts where she stated that coming to the convention she felt much more at home and even star-struck.

She also reveals that she found barbershop in an odd sort of way. Her high school choir teacher was Darin Drown (Sound of the Rockies, Storm Front) and he needed a babysitter while he sang with Storm Front. That's where she fell in love with barbershop:  in the barbertots room, and she had to stop nannying so she could go watch the contest.

She now sings with Harborlites Chorus and just qualified for the Sweet Adeline International Convention in Baltimore with her quartet, Swoon, and she plans to sing as much barbershop as possible before going on tour again with The Lumineers.

She is also great friends with Tim Waurick. They met at the Rocky Mountain District Harmony College in 2009.