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Paul's Big Adventure: A Year of Songs

You may know Paul Olguin as an arranger, director, or quartet singer... but his most well known credit these days is likely his incredible class on Woodshedding at HU 2014.

Following up on his wildly successful 100 Tags in 100 Days project last year, he has taken on a new mission: A Year Of Songs.

So, here's the plan. I will write an original song intended to be sung by barbershop harmony singers, one per week for the entire year of 2015! So far, most of my friends and colleagues think I'm a little bit crazy, but they also think that I just might be able to pull it off. My inner voices are only slightly more confident. I'm excited and nervous to see what this process may have to teach me as a creator, teacher and human being. I hope to contribute in a significant way to the barbershop repertoire. I hope to inspire others to take on their own creative challenges. I look forward to collaborating with other tune weavers, storytellers and barbershop arrangers. By granting a very broad license for the songs, I hope to inspire people to think of music and song in a different way, not so much as property to be bought and sold, but as gifts to be shared and expressions of thanks (yes, sometimes in the form of dollars) to be made.

Follow along on Paul's journey!

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