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Pro Search Tips for Barbershop Music

Finding the perfect barbershop arrangement is easy!

Use these 6 "Pro Search Tips" to find your next barbershop piece in the Barbershop Harmony Society Marketplace.

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#1: Use Quotes

Find exactly what you want

Use quotation marks (“ “) around your search terms to find exactly what you are looking for.

Example: “You’ve Got a Friend in Me SSAA” or “Magic in Harmony Songbook TTBB”

#2: Use Filters

Enhance your search

At the top of our music pages, use these filters to enhance your music search:

  • Ensemble: The Ensemble filter is helpful when looking for voicings like SATB, SSAA, or TTBB, as well as special arrangements for six and eight part ensembles.
  • Genre: The new Genre filter is a great starting point for themed shows and browsing a particular genre of music.
  • Difficulty: One of our most requested filters, the Difficulty filter makes it easy to select appropriate music for any level of ensemble.

#3: Use Music Pages

Get it all in one place

Our music pages have been optimized to have everything you are looking for in one place.

For example, here is the main page for the Wright arrangement of “ABC” (SATB):

  • You’ll notice that both the physical and digital versions of both the sheet music and learning tracks are available on one page.
  • Our Music Pages feature the cover image with our stock numbers, as well as a first-page preview of the piece, and an audio clip of the learning tracks (when available).
  • Due to copyright licenses, there is a 4 copy minimum on all digital sheet music purchases.

#4: Search by Arranger

Your favorite arranger is just a click away!

Find more songs by your favorite arrangers. Select the arranger’s name, and our search tool does the work for you!

#5: Print Music Catalog

A single spreadsheet provides convenience

All of our published music has been compiled into a single Google Sheet for your convenience. You can save a copy so that you can filter and sort by Arranger, Difficulty level, and Ensemble.

To search the spreadsheet for music, select Control + F keys and enter the title in the search box.

#6: Custom Clearances

Don't have what you need? We've got you covered!

If there is a title not available in our catalog, our Copyright and Licensing team can assist in seeking the license which authorizes the creation of the arrangement and distribution of copies for your quartet, chorus, or singing community.

If you are interested in using this service, please visit this link.