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Robotics students raise funds via barbershop

How did you guys get your start singing barbershop? Who introduced you to it?

The group’s name is “TBA”, and there’s typically 8 people in the group. It was started at our high school a few years before we were students there. It is an auditioned group. Our music teacher, Mrs. Jennifer Reece, introduced us.

Where you guys from?

Peoria Illinois (Dunlap high school)

How you decide on using "Hello Mary Lou" as the parody vehicle?

We already knew it and decided to use it

Who wrote the actual words to the song you sang?

Andrew Jensen rewrote the words, and Adam Christiansen helped a lot

How did people respond to the song and video when you released it?

Everyone at school loved it!

Did you (or do you) have any concerts lined up where your group sang?

We’re performing at the Youth in Harmony Bloomington event, and we have small gigs around the community from time to time.