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SoJam A Cappella Festival features barbershop clinic

“Looking out the window” means bringing our music and resources to our fellow travellers in the vocal music community. This weekend, at the SoJam Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina, noted coach, Presentation judge and Society Board Member Gary Plaag will join Matt Woodward, Matt Gorman, and Dr. Bill Adams to present an hour-long session that includes vocal production, chord theory/structure, some presentation things.

Plaag reports:

We will demonstrate how we all come from different parts of the US but can all sing a song together, will teach them a tag or two, and will show a video or two of barbershop then and now (likely "Lida Rose" from the original Music Man, the Musical Island Boys doing "Childhood", and another top 5 quartet doing an up-tune).

We’re highlighting this event not because it’s a giant leap forward, but rather a fundamental blocking-and-tackling approach to introducing the excitement of our style and breadth of our skills to an audience of people who, after their college years, will be looking for places to continue their love of singing. In fact, there’s even a seminar at SoJam titled, “Starting Your Post-Collegiate Group." Folks: the Barbershop Harmony Society is the easiest solution for starting a post-collegiate group. Our entire business is built on providing continuity of a singing experience--through the years, around the globe, you can always find a barbershop group to sing with.

Oh, by the way, there will also be some terrific shows including The Swingle Singers, Eh440 from Toronto, and Micappella, plus workshops, master classes, and a collegiate competition. Fun!

visit SoJam A Cappella Festival.