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See it all on the Society calendars

There's barbershop everywhere, folks, and if you're only seeing what's in front of you on a Tuesday nights, you're missing oodles of chances to have fun singing.

Sure, you might know about your own District convention this fall -- but what about the next district over, a mere 150 miles? You could be singing and tagging through the night, with no rehearsals in the morning! Skedaddle!

You may be working hard to establish Youth in Harmony activities in your chapter --but did you know there was an HX Camp in your own district this very month?

Get up to date:  check out the many calendars of events at, including Chapter Shows, Music Education, Harmony Explosion Camps, District Conventions, Youth Harmony Workshops, and more.

Bonus for Google users: click the Google Calendar button to make these visible in your own calendar feed. Changes and additions will be updated automagically, so you'll always be up to date.