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Sing along on World Singing Day!

Wouldn’t it be cool if people could just get together and sing? Make music together with strangers, become friends, indulge in harmony…. Sounds like barbershop culture, right?

It also sounds like World Singing Day, this Saturday, October 20. “There’s a musical movement happening but it has nothing to do with competition or performance,” say the organizers. “It’s a joyful celebration springing up around the world through the simple act of singing together as a community. It’s a singalong revolution.”

According to the event finder map, participants in more than 200 cities globally will take part in this public songfest -- including at the Sweet Adelines International Convention in St. Louis.

Watch the video and be a part of it. The emphasis is on casual singing, not stage performance, and meeting folks and asking them to enjoy singing for a few minutes. Sounds fun!