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Singer, nurse, clown: a life, not a set-up for a joke

Rob Divers of the Dallas Metro Chapter is a man of many hats. (We assume that at least a few are funny.) Nice story about a man combining clowning and magic with nursing skills to yield increased levels of happiness, accelerated healing powers and off-the-chart smiles.

He calls himself a “clinical performance artist.”“And I hope someday it can be a title that many other clinical professionals would adopt for themselves, too.”On a recent evening, he was dressed as a medical clown for a holiday party at Our Children’s House, a Baylor facility.He said that his character, Dr. Dudley Dinglebutter, is a toned-down clown.“It’s all of the trappings of a clown without the scary makeup,” he said.

via Dallas Life: He’s a nurse who is also a clown | Dallas Morning News.