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Singing Valentines round-up

So many Valentines, so little time. Plenty of press coverage coming in advance of the big day. We like these representative stories. Be sure to post yours on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with hashtag #SingingValentines

Singing for your miss in ArkLaMiss 

High schoolers deliver dozens

Eden Prairie High School students Kai Bjorkman, Lydia Shields, Ben Nordstrom and Sean Rush practice their Singing Valentines song with the group. via[/caption]

The Eden Prairie (Mn.) News reports on a 10-year tradition of Singing Valentines.

According to one singer, "We sang the same song 55 times. We couldn’t even speak at the end of the day,” Seidel recalled.  he second year, a group of girls joined them in the program and they sold about twice as many Singing Valentines. Seidel remembers being that people were already asking about the Singing Valentines in January and he was surprised at how quickly they sold out, he said.

Over the years the program added more singers and groups to the mix. Kanthak said she stepped in to help the students with logistics as it continued to grow. An auditions process was also added because of the growth. Kanthak said today, up to eight groups with eight students in each group are allowed to perform Singing Valentines. The groups’ songs can be no longer than two minutes and must be a capella. Groups visit multiple classrooms throughout the day to perform for staff and students the Valentines were purchased for. This year’s Singing Valentines took place on Feb. 10.