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Somebody’s Gotta Sing It! | Mike Rowe

Barbershopper/TV star Mike Rowe is bringing a new show to CNN on October 8, and he enlisted fans to help with the theme song.

That sounds like a job for Barbershoppers, right? And LOL past district champion and international semi-finalist VOCALITY jumped right up.

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Somebody’s Gotta Do It is a show that’s simply gotta be done – unscripted, unrehearsed, and unusually fun. It’s all about people who do what they do because they just can’t help themselves. People on a mission. People who march to the beat of a drum that only they can hear. Those are my kind of people, and CNN has given me an hour on prime time to introduce a few of them to America. The fun starts Wednesday October 8 at 9pm. Somebody’s gotta watch it – so hopefully, I’ll see you then!  – Mike

via Somebody’s Gotta Sing It! | Mike Rowe.