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Someone Put A Baritone In Charge of the Choreography

We asked our Facebook fans to caption the below image. Thanks to all 37 witty, snarky and hilarious comments it was hard to pick one, so here are a few favorites.

MOST LIKES - Someone put a baritone in charge of the choreography. -Brad 'Wombat' Randal

WITTY - For my next trick, I will make the baritones disappear! -Bryan Andrew Lambe

OH, SNAP! - Well, it's no Tony Bennett Medley... -Drew McMillan


--Somebody said we're putting on vegetable costumes during the break -George C Jackson, Jr.

--Our future is in good jazz hands... -Paul Agnew

--Per new C&J rules - All ties will be broken by a pose-off. -Paul Agnew

--What do you mean by 'festival' rather than contest? -Nathan Ogg

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

P.S. Why is everybody always picking on the baritones?