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Bird is the Word

Culinary experts in the Music Publishing wing of Harmony Hall assure us these are perfectly acceptable substitutes for turkey. One is in good taste, one is in bad taste, but we hope you have something tasty for the stomach and the repertoire.

Any sheet of music headed by "composed by the Sherman Brothers, arranged by Walter Latzko" merits your attention. "Feed the Birds," from Disney's Mary Poppins, is a heart-tugger that might even make you reflect on your holiday gift-giving and support for local charities.

"Poisoning Pigeons in the Park," on the other hand, boasts virtually no socially redeeming value, except the gift of laughter. This one showcases the wit of songwriter/performer Tom Lehrer, famed for "The Chemical Elements", "The Vatican Rag", and the also-seasonal "Hunting Song."