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Here's to the winners: charts by champs

Good coaches will always tell you, "Don't pick songs because champs sang them; pick them because YOU can sing them."
That noted, it's always nice to look at material created by some of our finest performers and arrangers. This week, we look at pieces by two men who are both quartet champs, both champion chorus directors, and both innovators in music and performance. No surprise, then, that their written works are polished gems.
You Make Me Feel So Young comes to us from Mark Hale (Michigan Jake, Masters of Harmony.) This difficult chart showcased the quartet's virtuosity, and is not for the weak-hearted.
When I Fall In Love is a classic, gentle ballad from Jay Giallombardo (Grandma's Boys, The New Tradition Chorus.) Listen with your mind's ear, and you'll probably hear the late Randy Chisholm singing it with Marquis.