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There's a SONG for that tag?

It's getting late, and poor cell reception in that perfectly resonant stairwell means you can't summon a hot new tag from, but you're still aching to sing a few more. Back to the classics: a loud one, "BE-HIND!" and a soft one, "foolish over you." Plenty of us are content with the tags, unaware that there's an actual song for these beauties. Check these out: "When I Leave The World Behind" is a melancholy reflection on a life, with vivid imagery and strong interpretive possibilities. Your editor prefers The Four Renegades performance, although many great quartets have loved it. "Each Time I Fall In Love," written and arranged by the legendary S.K. Grundy and made famous by The Sundowners, may be the very definition of the "oh, yeah" song, but you have to wait 50-some measures for the payoff. It's a fond tribute to the way your first love colors the rest of your life.