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Stick Time: Behind-the-Scenes - ChoralNet

We mentioned earlier how exciting it was to have Westminster Chorus represent the Society at the Western ACDA convention. This recent post on ChoralNet highlights that event from a different perspective. It's an appreciation of the universal fears and elation leading up to a Big Gig like this.

Those few who have been invited to perform at an ACDA divisional or national conference occupy a rarified strata of the choral world.  Our association is extremely discerning where the matter of issuing those precious performance slots is concerned. The journey from application to performance is an arduous one.  The stakes are high, the demands for performance excellence even higher.  No one knows that better than the ensemble’s leadership. Referring to the performance by the Westminster Chorus at an ACDA divisional conference, WC Executive director Justin Miller said, “It’s an exciting time that’s been months & years in the planning.  The ACDA doesn’t have contests, so to be invited to simply sing is just about their highest honor.” Here is a brief look at some of the behind-the-scenes preparation involved in reaching the stage at an ACDA conference from an ensemble that performed during last weekend’s Western Division Conference.

via Stick Time: Behind-the-Scenes - ChoralNet.