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The Barbershop 7th Hour

The Barbershop 7th Hour

An eclectic hour of great barbershop music every Thursday, including rare and never-before-heard tracks, hosted by Jeremy K. Gover, BHS video production manager since 2014.

Jeremy’s musical background

Does roadtripping 41 Dave Matthews concerts count? I also worked in Top 40 radio for over five years before coming to the Society.

Am I a Barbershopper? No, but let’s put it this way: I will mark my 10-year anniversary at BHS by singing a tag. But my wife, Lynn, has been a barbershopper for decades and I'm a long-time barbershop fan.

When do we tune in?

Thursday nights at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific. It also replays on Sundays around noon. Archives are not available—this is radio.

How do we tune in?

Log onto and click the big “play” button, or visit our landing page here. As easy as Sunday morning.

Show format

It's an hour of what I would listen to. There's often a timely theme such as Mardi Gras, and there's a real arc to each show—I can't do five classic quartets or three ballads in a row. For example, you might hear a track from TheCitations, then After Hours singing "Take On Me" at Midwinter 2019, then some 1970s Vocal Majority, followed by a track from GQ's latest album.

Tracks you'll hear nowhere else

Because of my role on staff, I have access to content nobody else has, such as non-contest audio from past conventions. I also have pretty much every audio track the Marketplace has ever sold. For legal reasons, we can’t release a lot of it to the public except on radio.

Why he does it

Jeremy K. Gover

I wanted to get back to radio in some way, and then I was invited by Acaville. I also wanted a cappella fans to be exposed to great barbershop music.

Appealing to music fans outside of barbershop circles is important because it only grows our artform. But the main goal of the show is to make that hour a must-listen for Barbershoppers all over the globe.

This article originally appeared in the May/June 2020 issue of The Harmonizer.

Listen Now

Exclusively on Acaville, a 24/7 a cappella Internet radio station.