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Afterglow? The whole darn place is an afterglow



Admit it: you’re addicted to afterglow. First comes the “official” afterglow, with a few bevvies and a few more songs from the evening’s performers. Then comes the “real” afterglow, with a lot more singing. Then the “after-afterglow,” when you repair to some hospitality rooms or lounges for a cozier party. Then, at last, the “glimmer,” when it’s down to you and a select, rotating cast of guys who defy good sense, schedules, and thoughts of work next week, to eke out another try at that bizarro double-quartet

Sadly, in most towns, the bars close down at 1:00 or 2:00 or 3:00 am, just when that pick-up tag quartet is just getting really good.

Not in Vegas, baby. It never closes. Keep singing. You can always find someplace to stay “hydrated.” Heh. Hydrated.

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