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They've been around the track a few times -- and want to keep racing!

Check out this list of AIC Competitors and family members who just can't get enough! It's pretty incredible to see how many keep coming back to the international stage for another round. Thanks to George Davidson for sharing this list with us. College Quartet Contest:  #11 - Flightline - Cody Littlefield (Brett's son) Quartet Contest:  #08 - Stockholm Syndrome - Rasmus Kristrom #11 - Main Street - Roger Ross, Tony De Rosa #12 - Throwback - Sean Devine #22 - Absolute - Jamie Meyer #34 - A Mighty Wind - Clay Hine #39 - Hot Air Buffons - Beef Baughman #44 - Madison Park - Wes Yoder (Assoc) Family Members: #17 - American Pastime - Graham Pence (Alan Gordon's stepson) #39 - Hot Air Buffons - Will Baughman (Beef's son)  Chorus Contest: #02 - Southern Gateway - Paul Gilman #03 - Masters of Harmony - Jeff Baker, Patrick Claypool, Sean Devine, Royce Ferguson, Alan Gordon, Patrick Haedtler, Cory Hunt, Mike Lawton, Brett Littlefield, Rob Menaker, John Sasine, Shawn York #07 - Zero8 - Doug Harrington, Rasmus Krigstrom, Jamie Meyer, Emanuel Roll, Jakob Stenberg #09 - Saltaires - John Sasine #12 - New Tradition - Jay Giallombardo, Dick Kingdon  #19 - Men of Independence - Gary Lewis #20 - Vocal Majority - Greg Clancy, Tony De Rosa, Don Kahl, Joe Krones, Gary Parker #24 - Sound of the Rockies - Brian Beck, Jim Clark, Darin Drown, Syd Libsack, Denny Malone, Jeff Selano #29 - Atlanta Vocal Project - Clay Hine #30 - Great Northern Union - Rick Anderson, Bob Dowma 
Family Members:  #03 - Masters of Harmony - Graham Pence (Alan Gordon's stepson), Cody Littlefield (Brett's son), Justin Miller (John's son) #07 - Zero8 - Jack Harrington (Doug's son) #14 - Houston Tidelanders - Dan Clunies (Jon's Son) #20 - Vocal Majority - Chase Krones, Phil McShan (Guy's son) #24 - Sound of the Rockies - Simon Clark (Jim's son), Dan Clark (Jim's father), Mike Davidson (George's son), Colin Drown (Darin's son), Julian Selano (Jeff's son) #28 - Kentucky Vocal Union - JJ Hawkins (Jay's son), Drew Wheaton (Jay Hawkin's son-in-law) #29 - Atlanta Vocal Project - Camden Hine (Clay's son) OTHER AWARD RECIPIENTS Jay Giallombardo is receiving the Joe Liles Lifetime Achievement Award on Friday during the chorus contest. Boston Common will be inducted into the  

BHS "Hall of Fame"  on Saturday evening.