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Unity Through Harmony Design Contest

Enter the Design Contest!

“Everyone in Harmony” means many things to many people.

These words can be represented in many ways, and we created our best selling “Unity Through Harmony” shirt to represent a part of this message.

This year, we would like to offer the greater Barbershop community an opportunity to be a part of representing these words in a fresh way!

We are now seeking entries for a design competition for the new Unity Through Harmony shirt, which will be available for purchase at this year’s Midwinter Convention in Jacksonville, Florida.


The winner of this contest will receive FREE Society dues for 2020, as well as one t-shirt featuring their winning design in the size of their choice. Prizes are non-transferable.

Contest Rules

More than one submission is allowed.

The design must be original and not use any copyrighted material.

The design must be suitable for all ages, and must not contain any material deemed as offensive. (Barbershop Harmony Society holds the right to exclude any design it deems as not fit for the competition.)

The design must feature the words “Unity Through Harmony”.

By submitting an entry, you give permission to Barbershop Harmony Society to print and reproduce your design.

The submission must be in .jpg or .png format.

Submissions are due by September 13, 2019. Email your entry to