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University of La Verne showcases international barbershop & school singers

It's always nice to hear that the music we make can transofrm a life. Here's some nice coverage from the San Gabriel Valley Tribune about a college workshop headlined by Ringmasters.

  LA VERNE -- Zachary Green didn’t realize he could sing until 18 months ago, but the moment he heard The Ringmasters, he knew his vocal niche was barbershop quartet singing. When other University of La Verne students and Inland Valley residents recently witnessed the perfect-pitch magic and energitic stage presence of Ringmasters’ bass Martin Wahlgren, baritone Emanuel Roll, lead Rasmus Krigstrom and tenor Jakob Stenberg, they also fell under the mesmerizing spell of the world’s best barbershop quartet. The four men from Stockholm, Sweden headlined a concert coordinated by ULV associate music and voice professor Carol Stephenson at the university’s Morgan Auditorium last week. The concert also featured Dolce, the 2012 Sweet Adelines’ Region 21 champions, and ULV’s 3rd St. Sound, The A-Team and the Lordsburg Brothers.

Full story:  University of La Verne showcases international barbershop & school singers.