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Society testing webcast special offer for music educators and outreach participants

You've said for years that we need to bring our music to wider audiences, and we are responding. This year, we will be reaching out to music educators and students who have participated in our camps, and other fellow travelers in an expanded effort to bring the incredible experience of our international contests to new, excited audiences.

The Barbershop Harmony Society is offering a special, lower-bandwidth feed optimized for  mobile devices FREE to students and teachers who sign up using select education email addresses. (Clarification: Our system recognizes school email addresses ending in .edu, or ending in the standard form of . We regret that not all institutions will be able to enjoy free access in this year's initial beta test.)  

This "no strings" offer will add to our production expense for the webcast, but it's worth the cost if it creates new barbershop fans. Be cool: don't abuse the system. If you would have paid for the webcast before, pay for it now. Don't "game" the system by slipping through a loophole. Do the responsible thing and pay for the incredible experience you already know it to be.

Send music educators and interested students to our sign-up page at for complete details.

The opening event is the Harmony Foundation International Collegiate Barbershop  Quartet Contest on Tuesday, July 1 -- spread the word in time to see the best show for young singers!