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What do these six chapters have in common? A bold new experiment!

The Research Triangle Park Chorus, the Ambassadors of Harmony, the High Country Chorus, the Upper Yoopers, the Arlingtones, and the Alexandria Harmonizers-- what could these diverse chapters have in common that no other chapters do?!

They've all registered to be part of the Society's new "Open Board" program!

Open Board is a Society pilot program allowing chapters to add non-members to their boards of directors.  Open Board chapters like these will invite  local arts supporters, benefactors, and other VIPs to join their boards. By opening up their boards to such outside membership, Open Board chapters hope to spark all sorts of positive change such as donor-based fundraising, new approaches to governance, improved connections with their local community, and new performance and collaboration opportunities.

"Most choruses and performing arts groups have boards of directors composed entirely of just such supportive non-performers," notes BHS CFO Erik Dove, head of the Open Board Task Force.  "Chapters large and small can all benefit from adding non-barbershoppers to their boards to bring new ideas, opportunities, connections, and support. The Society's eager for chapters to explore all these possibilities by joining the Open Board program."

Registrant chapters have already begun identifying and inviting community leaders to help them forge a new future. Your chapter, too,  can register to be part of the Open Board, just by filling out this simple on-line form.  Discuss it with your chapter today!