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What makes people happy about conventions?

Conventions cover a lot of territory: contests, late night parties, Harmony U classes,  chorditoriums, and tourism. The convention team works hard to create a great experiences. Some are hard to manage logistically; some are simple, yet move us deeply. Here's a note recently received at HQ by a satisfied guest:

Marty, I wanted to let you (and others, if you forward this to them) that I enjoyed the contest in Las Vegas, and that a very big highlight for me (and many of my friends attending) was when the audience did group singing (God Bless America, Oh Canada, I'm Sitting On Top Of The World, Star Spangled Banner, Keep The Whole World Singing). What a thrill to participate (and hear) thousands singing in 4-part harmony! What a rich sound; how much emotion it generated. I hope organizers of future events will include group audience singing!