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Who’s who in your chapter?

Who’s who in your chapter?

“Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief…” do you actually know the folks around you?

Barbershop culture’s a funny thing. On one hand, deeply investing ourselves emotionally in the music tends to draw us closer together as individuals. At the same time, we can be wholly ignorant of each other’s lives outside of barbershop —which can be a great thing, but also a little… insensitive? What are the virtues and drawbacks to emotional depth without superficial knowledge? (An inversion of expectation, to be sure!)

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In a recent Coles County (Illinois) Chapter newsletter, editor Tom Woodall challenged readers to match up the person with the occupation:

A. Landscaper
Teacher of those with special needs#answer
Seed Corn Dealer
Science Teacher in Public Schools
Retired owner of tank truck business
Retired physician
Certified Corn Breeder

Who’s who? (Answers below.)

You might want to try this game in your own chapter. Then think about —and celebrate!— the range of lives that make up a barbershop community.

And the answer is...

Lw coles county whos who A

Brian Lynch is Public Relations Manager for the Barbershop Harmony Society.