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Why some names crop up more often than others

From time to time, your communications team at Harmony Hall is asked, "Why do you always write about (choose any or all) the Vocal Majority, the Alexandria Harmonizers, the Voices of Gotham? There are many other chapters doing good work, too!" -or the same, ending in) "... Most of us don't have the resources, contacts, to do these things, and it makes us look bad."

Fair points both. The shortest answer might be, "Because these groups  are experimenting with activities and techniques that you deserve to copy!" Not very group is equipped to do these things to the same degree, with the same level of expertise, or with the same results, but they still provide models of the kinds of things that help chapers grow, thrive, and reach broader audiences—even chapters with limited resources.

Many of the activities highlighted in various channels are not beyond the potential of most chapters. When you saw a great fundraising video by Voices of Gotham, you also got to peek behind the scenes to how it was made. The Alexandria marketing team showed how a free online video editor made a great promo for its Aca-Challenge event. True, some high-profile, influential appearances for major choral conferences are best undertaken by champ-level performers. In those cases, we should all celebrate the great reputation that we all derive; it redounds to our mutual pride and shared success. Be sure to share the link with all in your own spheres of influence, so that everyone knows that you are part of a worldwide fellowship of musicians who are making a difference in people’s lives through passionate performance of a wonderful style of music.

One other thing. We don’t always write about these chapters, but they always write about themselves, making a conscious choice to provide public information and explanation about what they are doing and how and why they are doing it, so that we can all benefit. If your chapter has a success or an innovation to share, please do,  and we’ll be happy to share that as well! Keep those links and references coming -- teachable moments come from all corners of the barbershop planet.

Updated: A few minutes later, we also noticed good examples from the Vocal Majority's spring show preview and from the Sault Ste. Marie Northland Chorus poetry-centered production.