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World-renowned Vocal Majority Chorus performs at UNT - NTDaily

All press is good press, right? And while we're always excited to get coverage in big publications, one might argue that it's more important to get covered in channels we wouldn't ordinarily reach. That's why we were happy to see this clip from the University of North Texas, Denton, Texas:

Truck, bus and train drivers, airplane pilots, ordained ministers, UNT students – past and present – and even a Federal Prison guard sang for a UNT audience last night. The internationally recognized Vocal Majority Chorus, a DFW-based choir of more than 100 men of all ages and occupations, performed last night in the Murchison Center. ... The all-male chorus performed a variety of Broadway, inspirational, classic and patriotic songs, singing alone as well as with musical accompaniment. At the end of the night, the chorus earned a standing ovation. Armstrong said the show was phenomenal for him because the audience was fantastic. “We could not have asked for a better audience than the one we found here at UNT,” Armstrong said. “I’m being serious, because we’ve sung for some audiences that were not as attentive.” ... “It’s a wonderful place to sing, so we were able to perform really well,” Armstrong said. “The audience responded to that.” Chorus member Duncan Gilman, who works in marketing, said the music is his favorite part of being with the Vocal Majority. “The camaraderie is great,” Gilman said. “But everybody’s really here for that great barbershop harmony.” Click to read: World-renowned Vocal Majority Chorus performs at UNT - NTDaily.