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17 Things About Pittsburgh You Have to Explain to Out-of-Towners

Our 2015 Convention in Pittsburgh will be any easy drive for many guests, and you'll find plenty to do when you get there. We have it on good authority that you'll find fun and food beyond the convention events, but thought you might need the straight dope from the natives.

If you’re from here or have ever lived here, you have an affinity for this place. One that your friends from other cities just can’t seem to wrap their heads around. Until they get here. And when they do, use this to explain to them that there’s more to Pittsburgh than steel and sports.

Get directions to the Strip District.This former manufacturing center is now home to speciality eats, street vendors and swanky lofts.

 Yes, you can get fries on a sandwichIt’s called Primanti Brothers, a rite of passage for any first time visitor to the ‘Burgh.

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