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2021 International Convention: Spring qualification options for quartets

how quartets can qualify to compete at the 2021 international convention

With the impact of the pandemic on our regularly scheduled activities, many are now wondering how quartets will qualify to compete in Cleveland this July.

There are two ways that a quartet can qualify: through a live contest event near you or via video qualification.

1. Live contest events

While all districts have cancelled their Spring chorus contests and many have cancelled their Spring quartet contests, there are still some in person quartet only events being planned. These are one day Saturday events where the semifinals will be earlier in the day and, after a break, the finals will happen early evening.

For any participants that live within a few hours drive, it would be possible to participate by driving in that morning and returning home that same evening. Quartets can socially distance from other quartets and the judges as all evaluations will be delivered through Zoom sessions in the days following the event.

If your quartet is interested in one of these events, click here.

2. Video Qualification

If your quartet would like to try to qualify for Cleveland but there is no live event near you or you just aren’t comfortable participating in a live event, you can utilize the video qualification process. For more details regarding when to register for this, when to submit your video, how to record it and how to submit it, click here.

Since quartets are now allowed up to two attempts to qualify for International, there are two windows for video submission. This allows any quartet two total attempts (counting any combination of in-person or video). Should you register for two events and qualify on your first one, please be sure to withdraw from your second contest so as to not risk invalidating your scores from your first attempt.