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ASCAP Reporting Form for 2018

ASCAP Reporting Form for 2018 Posted on February 26, 2018 by Antonio…

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BHS Contest Entry Using Barberscore: Information and Tutorials

The Barbershop Harmony Society is utilizing a new platform called Barberscore for contest management…

QUARTET - Border Patrol 2013 seniors

Updates Regarding Harmony Fellows (50+ Year Members) Renewal Process

Calling all members of your chapter or district who have 50 or more years of service in the…

Education Hu Class Singing

Vocal Health: Voice Production and Resonance

This regular series will examine different facets of vocal health in which we hope to dispel myths…

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Society Board of Directors amends organization bylaws, Standard Chapter Bylaws and Chapter Policy as of January 2018

The Society Board of Directors adopted amendments to the Society Bylaws, Standard Chapter…

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IRS 990 Form and CRA Filing Reminders for Chapters & Districts

This is a friendly reminder that it is time to prepare for your required IRS 990 Filings or…

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U.S. Chapters & Districts: A New Deadline for Forms W-2 and 1099

For further comments, questions or concerns please contact our Customer Service Team at…

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A Message to all leaders: 2017 in review

It’s GREAT to be a Barbershopper! Yes, that’s still true, and we are excited more than ever with the…

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Annual ASCAP 2017 Reporting Reminder for U.S. Chapters & Districts

The Barbershop Harmony Society has a blanket agreement with ASCAP (The American Society of…

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Updating Your Chapter or District Leaders for 2018

This is a friendly reminder (if you haven't already) that it is time to ensure that…

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