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Qualification for 2022 International Seniors Quartet Contest

Qualification for 2022 International Seniors Quartet Contest

To compete in the 2022 International Seniors Quartet Contest, quartets may qualify by any of three methods.

In light of current events related to COVID-19, some districts have decided to hold in-person district conventions this fall, while many others have or may choose to cancel. Cancellation of these fall contests would impact a Seniors quartet’s ability to qualify for the 2022 International Seniors Quartet Contest held at the BHS Midwinter Convention. Additionally, some Seniors quartets may wish to qualify by other means if they elect to not attend their District convention due to COVID-19 related concerns.

Therefore, Seniors Quartets may attempt to qualify for the 2022 International Seniors Quartet Contest held at the Midwinter Convention in Pasadena, CA by three methods:

  • Those that scored 72% or higher at the Jacksonville Midwinter in 2020 will get an automatic invitation
  • They can participate in their 2021 Fall District in-person qualification contest
  • They can submit a 2-song video submission. This can be a new recording (doesn’t have to be in front of an audience) or it can be from any performance in 2020 or 2021, including the Jacksonville Midwinter (if from Jacksonville, the performances will be reassessed by a different panel of judges and the scores will be different.)

Who qualifies?

If an in-person convention occurs, then the highest scoring Seniors Quartet at that convention from that district will be named the District Representative to the International Seniors Quartet Contest provided the minimum score (61) is met. Seniors Quartets from that District that choose to submit video instead of participating in-person will be selected by rank to fill the scoring pool. Those that receive an automatic invitation will be considered to be a wild card rather than the District Representative.

If a District chooses not to hold an in-person convention, then the District Representative to the International Seniors Quartet Contest will be the highest scoring quartet from that District by video submission provided the minimum score (61) is met. Remaining quartets that choose to submit video will be selected by rank to fill the scoring pool. If a quartet receiving an automatic invitation has the highest score from their district, then they would be considered the District Representative.

Given current COVID-19 concerns, it is not recommended at this time that Seniors Quartets travel outside of their home district to another in-person convention in an attempt to qualify.

How to enter the contest

All quartets, regardless of qualification method, must enter the contest using the Contest Entry application in the BHS Member Center. (See the complete tutorial on the Contest Entry system.)

The contest entry window is from September 24– October 15, 2021.

All quartets must have a current, active BHS quartet registration (Standard or Premium), and all quartet members must have current, active BHS memberships.

Video Submission Rules and process

Important Video Submission Dates

Contest Entry in the BHS Member Center
September 24 – October 15

Video Submission Window
October 8–29

Video Scoring Completed
November 7

Results Provided
November 12

Scores from the video contests will be published as with any in-person prelims contest. There will be one 40-minute evaluation offered to each quartet that submits a video, to be delivered over Zoom or similar platform.

It is in the best interests of the quartet to submit the video as early as possible within the submission window as that gives time, to alert the quartet if there are any issues that make this video unusable for any technical reason.

Recording a video

  • The 2-song set must be shot continuously – do not record one song at a time.
  • Shoot the quartet straight-on with a stationary camera (to be able to see the whole quartet from head to toe).
  • Record with best possible quality (HD or 4k) – most smartphones have at least 1080p.
  • Record in a well-lit space.
  • Avoid echo chambers, like stairwells, that will distort your sound. Preferred locations might include a classroom, meeting room, small stage, or another similar setting.
  • No audience required. However, one may be present.

Avoid amplified sound from speakers – DO NOT MODIFY AUDIO QUALITY! (this would make your submission ineligible and any submissions suspected to be edited or modified will be run through software to verify this)

Upload videos to You Tube

  • Label video as “PasadenaVideo – Quartet Name”.
  • Keep the video Unlisted, as opposed to Public or Private.
  • Watch your video to ensure you have a complete, quality upload.

Copy links to your videos and send to after your entry in Barberscore is Approved.

Registration for Midwinter Convention is coming soon

Details, schedule and safety protocols.