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Reviving a friend's spirits with an old familiar song...

Don Horton shares a quick story on how music lifts our spirits:

I visited a long time fellow Kiwanis member today who is on hospice and not expected to live only a few more days or weeks. He never belonged to the Society but did sing in a barbershop quartet in high school with my oldest brother (now deceased). While visiting him, I told him I would sing the verse of a song that he may not recognize until I came to the chorus. So, I sang "Sweet Adeline," and when I came to the chorus,  I paused and said, "You will recognize the song now." Although it was hard for him to speak, he began to sing, struggling quite a bit, but getting better as we got into it. By the end, he was singing his normal TENOR part. I said, "Norm, you've still got that silver lining in those vocal chords,"and he gave me a BIG SMILE. Another GOLD MEDAL moment for me in Barbershopping. I know I brightened HIS day and his family's day, and what a warm feeling I had. It is possible I will never see him alive again, but I will cherish this day forever. Don Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone