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23K Project moves into Phase II

The 23K project is moving into a new phase. Very soon, the volunteer army will launch some new projects to provide support for our district and International teams in several vital areas.

In order to further advance recruiting for the volunteer army, Phase II will introduce a new method of accomplishing the interviews. Each day, several hundred members will receive personal invitations in their E-mail. The invitations will invite members to log on to the 23K dedicated web site and fill out their own “do-it-yourself” questionnaire. When you receive your personal invitation, please respond as quickly as possible. The process is very efficient, so it will not take much of your time.

The elite 23K calling team will continue to conduct personal interviews and will answer requests to be interviewed by members who desire a personal interview. Watch future issues of LiveWire and The Harmonizer for complete details.

Anyone who would like to join the elite 23K calling team should send name, a preferred time to call and a preferred telephone number to Several awards are still available for callers, including two VIP registrations to the Las Vegas International Convention and CDs from the AIC Masterwork series.