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A "Blue Velvet" Keepsake


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Keepsake, one of the Society's greats, sang many songs that we've published over the years. "From Once Upon a Time" to the recent "I'm Gonna Live 'Til I Die", we've been following them for years.

"Blue Velvet" is the latest in that vein. A beautiful, heart-breaking ballad (ergo, NOT a Singing Valentine candidate...), this one from the pen of Curt Kimball is a tasty morsel of barbershop awesomeness. If you need a new token ballad for your quartet or chorus, this is it! Side bonus, it's fairly short, so it's great for leads that can't remember all the words.

Pair that with a creamy learning track from Keepsake bari Tony De Rosa and you'll be breaking hearts in a matter of days.