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Meet the Administrative Judges

Meet the Administrative Judges

The Barbershop Harmony Society Contest & Judging Committee has recently redefined and renamed the roles of the judges formerly titled Contest Administrators, who will now be known as Administrative Judges (ADM).

For each contest, an Administrative Judge is designated as the Panel Chair (PC), with overall responsibility once the contest begins and until it ends. The Panel Chair coordinates pre- and post-contest organization and communication as necessary to ensure the proper operation and successful outcomes of the contest.

An additional Administrative Judge may also assist the Panel Chair, in the role previously called Associate Contest Administrator. They support the PC in all operations of the contest, providing backup and a second look verification for all aspects of the contest.

This effort resulted in a complete rewrite of the Administrative Judge manual, updating many processes and procedures, while adding a number of recent changes which had not previously been documented.

If you hope to apply to the Administrative Judge category, please take note that all judging categories will be accepting applications August–December, 2023 —details to be announced. You are most welcome to reach out to Category Specialist Randy Rensi at if you have interest or questions.