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Alexandria builds bridges by hosting a cappella competition

It’s easy to pay lip service to reaching out to the broader a cappella community, but the Alexandria Harmonizers are putting their money where their mouths are… with a prize competition!

The Harmonizers have rented one of Washington DC’s most famous venues, the historic Lincoln Theater, to host a competition for modern a cappella groups.  Fifteen groups applied and six have been chosen as contestants: The George Washington University Vibes, The University of Mary Washington Symfonics, The Noctonals, the Chromatics, Capital Blend, and Word of Mouth.  The Harmonizers, and their own modern a cappella subgroup “TBD”, will also perform while the judges’ scores are being tabulated.

The contest will be judged by three local figures in a cappella, arranger Danny Ozment, recording guru Amanda Cornaglia, and a representative from the Harmonizer quartet Da Capo, which, in addition to being a top ten BHS quartet, won the national Harmony Sweepstakes a cappella competition in 2011.  1st Prize is $1000, 2nd $500, and 3rd $250 (with each other contestant group getting $100 for participating).

“It’s unique in several respects,” said producer Ken Rub.  “Most a cappella competitions don’t have prizes this large, few have adult groups competing with collegiate groups, and none are hosted by a barbershop chorus! We’re excited to reach an entirely new audience and show them barbershop is another proud member of the a cappella family.”  Tickets are available now through the Lincoln Theater.