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Ambassadors of Harmony win chorus championship

Ambassadors of Harmony win chorus championship

Superb singing and showmanship one again captured a chorus gold medal for the Ambassadors for Harmony of St. Charles, Missouri, as they outpaced a stacked field in Saturday’s International Chorus Contest.

Ambassadors win 2023

The 115-singer chorus brought its trademark energy to the stage in "9 to 5" and "Stop, Time" (from Big) in what was truly the most international of all chorus contests yet staged by the Barbershop Harmony Society. All five choruses from outside North America placed in the top 15, including bronze medals to the fourth-place Northern Stars of Stockholm, Sweden.

The top five choruses were

  1. Ambassadors of Harmony (2869 pts / 95.6%)
  2. Parkside Harmony (2789 pts / 93.0%)
  3. Heralds of Harmony (2782 pts / 92.7%)
  4. Northern Stars (2765 / 92.2%)
  5. Central Standard (2741 / 91.4%)