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Singing First in Competition

Mike Edison asks another:   I would also like to know if drawing the first performance…

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Performance Start/End?

Mike Edison asks   “When, in the judges view, does a performance begin and end?”  As a…

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Small vs Large Chorus Competitions

Another from John Wabel   I have repeatedly asked that the society define and split the…

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Contest or Convention

From John Wabel   The society website refers to C & J as Contest & Judging. At…

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Ask A Judge, Appearances on Stage

From Kirt Thiesmeyer With the last chorus competitor, the Salem SenateAires, both Jim Henry and…

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Ask a Judge, Talking on Stage

From Al Spence I’m puzzled by the scores awarded to the Salem chorus. I thought C & J was…

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Who would have dominated if champs could re-compete?

A fun discussion developed this morning when some of us staff guys were taking a stroll around the…

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Competing After a 10 Year Hiatus

I was judging at an LOL divisional contest a couple of weeks ago and was fortunate to both score as…