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At Least the Music was Heavenly...

You couldn't turn anywhere on the Internet or Social media last week without seeing everyone pile on with jokes or references to Saturday's coming "rapture." Many barbershoppers got in on the action--and one chapter turned out to have been prepared for the rapture ... or, at least for the rapture jokes, even if unintentionally.

I learned about this in a note from Gary Forsberg, my old friend from the Wasatch Front Chapter (my very first chapter, which I joined shortly after college back in 1994 along with the rest of my quartet). Gary just wanted to share how excited The Saltaires were after their near sell-out spring show featuring 2009 champ Crossroads, and he also wanted to share the great audience reaction to their improved singing and the positive buzz currently pervading the chapter. But Gary's postmark at the end of his note just needed to be shared, before the rapture jokes go completely out of style:

It was coincidental that our show, entitled “It’s a Great Day!” was scheduled on the day predicted to be the day of the Rapture and beginning of the end, but when we realized that over the past week, we took full advantage.  Our closing number was “Goodbye, World, Goodbye!”   Not everyone in the audience got the joke, but those that did spent a few minutes explaining it to those around them who wondered at the mirthful reaction to a great, rousing arrangement of the old gospel song!

Thanks, Gary!

If your chapter wasn't taken up into heaven, do you have any "rapturous" stories to share from this past week? Or other fortunate coincidences that made for a great story?

Share them here!